Hair Color Cream

Extraordinarily bright and uniform colors

Based on a precious cosmetic cream, with soothing and nourishing Liquorice extract, Bulbs&Roots Color acts gently and with exceptional results on the hair, ensuring color stability and coverage of white hair. Bulbs&Roots Color achieves 3-4 levels of bleaching with primary colors, up to 4-5 levels with super-bright colors.

The range: 71 nuances - 5 toners - 5 super bleach - 7 correctors Size: 100 ml
Hair Color Cream: mix 1:1.5
Hair Color Cream Superlightening: mix 1:2

With Liquorice

Origin: Calabria
Properties: soothing and moisturizing

Licorice plants, organically grown and cultivated in Calabria, have been selected for their important soothing and moisturizing properties. The licorice extract, obtained thanks to a particular method of extraction in water, keeps its properties intact.