Curative Detox

It pampers the scalp while helping hair grow healthy and shiny.
Pre-shampoo Clay Mask:

Clay mask for all types of scalp. It cleanses deeply, gently esfoliating and helping to restore the balance of the scalp.
Size: 100 ml


apply evenly to the scalp using the applicator before the specific shampoo. Massage to spread out the mask all over the scalp and leave for 10/15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and apply the shampoo. Use as needed, once a week or once every two weeks.

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With Pumpkin

Origin: Lombardy
Properties: energizing, purifying, calming

Pumpkin, from Italian organic agriculture, has been chosen for its renowned energizing, purifying and calming properties. Pumpkin extract, obtained thanks to a particular method of extraction in water, keeps its properties intact.