Curative Calm

It pampers the scalp while helping hair
grow healthy and shiny.
Calming Shampoo

Gentle shampoo that gives relief to sensitive and dry scalp. It helps to relieve sensitized scalp.
Size: 300 ml

Calming Oil Not Oily

Oil with a special formula that does not grease for sensitive and dry skin.


Size: 100 ml


apply on wet hair, massage and rinse. Repeat if necessary.


if necessary, spray on the dry or damp scalp and massage.

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With Pumpkin

Origin: Lombardy
Properties: energizing, purifying, calming

Pumpkin, from Italian organic agriculture, has been chosen for its renowned energizing, purifying and calming properties.
Pumpkin extract, obtained thanks to a particular method of extraction in water, keeps its properties intact.